You’ve probably heard it from your friends or relatives or even your doctor – “You should do yoga.” And while they all mean well, they may not realize how difficult that could be for many, many reasons.

Why is it hard for me to start yoga?

Let’s be honest – it’s difficult to start anything new, right? Change can be hard, and new experiences like walking into a yoga studio for the first time can feel intimidating. We get it. But the reason so you often hear people suggesting yoga is because they either know of or have experienced the benefits of yoga. And they just want you to experience the same incredible outcomes they have seen or felt.

Fear not – there are ways to learn yoga in a safe and comfortable environment so you can build awareness and confidence in the practice yourself. At Pulsation Yoga we accept everybody as they are, with no judgments or expectations put on you. We are here to teach you and safely guide you. We don’t just do yoga, we teach yoga, and that sets us apart from most other studios or gyms.

How do I start a yoga practice?

At Pulsation Yoga, we offer an Introduction to Yoga series to help new students feel comfortable and confident when starting a new yoga practice. This is often referred to as Yoga 101 or Intro to Yoga. The idea is that an experienced instructor takes on a small group of students for a personal introduction into yoga. At our studio this is a three-week series and we offer it throughout the fall, winter and spring at one or both of our yoga studios in Arlington Heights or Lake Zurich, IL.

In Intro to Yoga you will:

  • Learn the foundational postures of yoga – those postures that you are likely to find in just about any yoga class in just about any yoga studio.
  • Review the proper alignment of those postures – not all studios or classes will cue all the details in every class, so knowing the basic structure of the posture will help you to confidently approach it in a regular group yoga class.
  • Use the common language you’ll hear in many classes – know what a yoga instructor means when they say certain phrases to help the postures make sense in your body.
  • Receive a handout with all this information for you to take home – it’s a lot to remember, so you’ll have a great reference guide with photos, posture names and alignment cues to help.
  • Get a FREE yoga class at the completion of the series! – take what you’ve learned in Introduction to Yoga and use it in a group class at either of our studio locations (Pulsation Yoga in Arlington Heights or Lake Zurich).

Where do I register for Intro to Yoga?

You can see our upcoming schedule of events, including any scheduled Introduction to Yoga classes, on our studio workshop page.

Our next scheduled Intro to Yoga sessions are: