The Pulsation Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Studies programs begin on October 12, 2024 and run through April 6, 2025. For this upcoming training, we are spacing out weekends so that trainees have more time to read, absorb and practice between meetings. There are both required readings as well as recommended resources for the 2024-25 yoga training program. Below is a list of books to purchase prior to training. We welcome you to begin reading them if you would like to get a jump start. Please Note: not all pages of all books will be required – we will provide you with the specific readings for this training from these books. You can contact us for the weekly reading assignments.

Haven’t signed up for training yet? Contact us and let us know you are interested – we are accepting applications through October 7, 2024.

Required Books:

The books are not included in your tuition – all trainees should acquire these books prior to training. We do have some books available to borrow if need be, please contact us if need be.

In addition, we recommend the following resources for reference. These are books that we personally use and love and we have