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Frequently Asked Yoga Questions

Frequently Asked Yoga Questions

Where can I find yoga near me – and other frequently asked questions about yoga at Pulsation Yoga studios.

I saw some clothing available to buy at your studio, but you didn’t have my size. How can I get it?2023-08-08T14:21:14-05:00

We offer some great choices in retail items – clothing, accessories, props, jewelry and more – at Pulsation Yoga. You are likely to find a greater variety of offerings, sizes and colors at our Lake Zurich studio due to space. So if you are looking for anything specific, please just ask, we may have it at the other studio for you, or we may be ordering more soon. We do not currently sell retail online.

Do I need to bring my own mat to yoga classes?2023-08-08T14:20:04-05:00

It’s entirely up to you if you wish to bring your own mat or props to a yoga class at Pulsation Yoga. Most regular students are very particular about their mat and how sticky, heavy, thick, long or short it is, so most students do bring their own. But we do have mats, blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters available at both studios for students to use, free of charge. We also carry a small amount of mats and props to purchase at the studio as well, when you are ready to invest in your own.

Do you offer hot yoga?2023-08-08T14:19:04-05:00

All classes at Pulsation Yoga are “normal” temperature, which is typically 70-75 degrees in the room. Classes with more movement (i.e. All Level, Intermediate, Advanced) will get your body temperature up naturally and quickly in our space with no need for artificial heat. It is our experience that when rooms are too hot some students are more prone to injury due to a false sense of openness too early in class.

What do I wear to a yoga class2023-08-08T14:17:52-05:00

You do not need any special clothing to enjoy a yoga class – just something that will allow for safe and comfortable movement in the class you choose. In classes with a lot of movement we would encourage clothing that is more fitted to your body so you don’t accidentally trip or get caught up in any flowing material. For classes such as restorative or yin where you will be laying in postures for extended periods of time, think about your personal body temperature and comfort in that situation, as less movement typically means less heat being created naturally.

Do I need to register in advance for classes?2023-08-08T14:16:37-05:00

While students can walk into the studio for class, we do encourage you to register in advance. This guarantees your spot if the class fills and it helps the instructor to prepare for class. In addition, registered students will get a notification if the class details change for any reason, such as a substitute teacher or a class cancelation (possible due to weather or similar unforeseen issues). If you do not register in advance we encourage you to always check the schedule prior to class to ensure nothing has changed.

I’m new to the studio, is there a special deal for new students?2023-10-24T19:55:02-05:00

New students can get UNLIMITED yoga classes for one month for only $69. This new student deal is good for any regular class at either of our studio locations. This is the best way to try different classes and teachers and to build your practice for a low cost.

Where can I find yoga near me?2023-08-08T14:09:03-05:00

Pulsation Yoga has two convenient locations for yoga in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Pulsation Yoga Lake Zurich:
729 W Rt. 22, Lake Zurich, IL (located near Five Below and Trader Joe’s at Rand and Rt 22)

Pulsation Yoga Arlington Heights:
17 E Miner St, Arlington Heights, IL (located across from the Uptown Café)

Any class packages you buy at Pulsation Yoga are good at both studios.

I’m a beginner, what yoga class is right for me?2023-08-08T14:10:32-05:00

Finding a yoga class for beginners is easy at Pulsation Yoga and it will depend on what your specific needs are. Fundamental Yoga is a great place to start, it focuses on teaching the foundational postures in yoga while building strength and endurance. We also offer Gentle Yoga and Slow Flow Yoga for those looking for a more gentle start to their practice. For those searching for a more athletic class, All Level Yoga classes are also a good option. See our list of class descriptions to learn more.

I’m an advanced yoga practitioner, do you offer advanced classes?2023-08-08T14:12:05-05:00

We do offer classes with more advanced asanas (postures) and practices. Our Advanced Asana class is 90 minutes on Sunday mornings at Pulsation Yoga Arlington Heights. You would also enjoy any of our Intermediate Asana classes throughout the week, which build toward arm balances, inversions and more complex postures or sequences. You can learn more about all of our classes here.

Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?2023-08-08T14:13:35-05:00

Absolutely not! So many people avoid yoga because they think they are not flexible enough, when a yoga class is the perfect way to start to gain that flexibility they seek. Every body is different and every practice is different. In any yoga class at Pulsation Yoga you will find students using props or modifications to make postures more accessible for them and their practice. And if you are specifically looking to gain more flexibility, we also offer Yin and Restorative Yoga classes, both of which hold postures for long periods of time using props to help open up the body. Learn more about the difference here.

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