In the interest of your health and that of our community, we are being open and transparent with any information as we get it regarding the coronavirus in our community.

As of today, we have two instructors who have had second degree contact with someone who has tested positive. In other words, they have been in the same room as someone who has been in the same room as someone who has it. The risk is extremely low in this situation, but out of respect for the community, both are taking some time away from the studio. 

In addition, we have had one student who has had first degree contact with an infected spouse. The student was recently in class prior to this knowledge. As the other students and the instructor in that class are second degree contacts, the risk is extremely low. We contacted the Lake County Health Department and they confirmed this is not a big risk, but we did contact the other students in that class to be sure they were aware of the situation. 

As of right now, all classes are on the regular schedule and will remain. However, please check the online schedule before attending any classes as some may not be available each week and this is subject to change on a daily basis. 

The Marc Holzman workshops are still on schedule for this weekend, March 13-15, 2020. We are offering a refund if anyone chooses not to attend for social distancing. Marc has not been overseas since January and he is in town and eager to teach. And we are excited to learn. 

Please continue to bring your own mat to the studio. In the case that you do not have one, we do still have mats available to use, but ask that you use disinfectant wipes or spray (available at both studios) before and after use. We are asking students and instructors to spray or wipe all blocks or bolsters used in class.

As we communicated earlier this week, we are diligently disinfecting all door handles, lights, faucets, toilets, iPads and other commonly touched surfaces. Instructors are washing their hands with soap and water before classes and we ask you to do the same. We ask anyone not feeling well to please refrain from class until you are feeling better. 

We value everyone in this community and we want you to find peace in your yoga practice, not stress. We hope to see you at the studio, but we understand if you need to take some time off. Please contact us with any questions or concerns, we are always here for you. 


Alison, Sandy and Susan