A safe and inspiring environment where a diverse student clientele can experience yoga and grow at their own rate


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• Who we are, our mission as a studio

• New to yoga, Yoga 101, how to register and faq's


Our Mission

The Mission of Pulsation Yoga, is to bring some of the finest instructors together under one roof, creating a cohesive community that works toward common goals.


 These goals are to:

 • Create a safe and inspiring environment where a diverse student clientele can experience yoga and grow at their own rate.

 • Teach alignment so people can take charge of their well-being and increase their overall well-being. 

 • Help guide the students to experience transformation and shifts in a way that opens their hearts to bring them closer to their authentic selves. 

We frequently start the class with a chant (see below). It helps center the class, brings blessings to the space, and reminds the student to honor the light within themselves and others.


Frequently Asked



Students don't need to sign up for most yoga classes, although there are some classes and workshops we ask you to pre-register, you will see them marked on the schedule page) Just arrive at the yoga studio 10-15 minutes before class begins to check-in and pay for class. We encourage you to sign the new student form online so when you arrive you can check in with ease. If you prefer to register in person, let the staff know that you are new to yoga, and we will give you an easy new student form to fill out.




Wear comfortable clothing; something that stretches and you can easily move in, from traditional yoga clothing to your own t-shirt and sports bra. We have several options in our retail store.


We provide yoga mats at each studio to use during class, and we sell yoga mats in our retail stores. As there are many different types of yoga mats on the market, we highly recommend you purchase a mat you are comfortable with, and bring that to class. It is a small and wise investment to aid your practice. A small towel is also beneficial to use during practice, especially during hot classes.




The typical class begins with warm-ups before moving into standing poses, balance poses, abdominal exercises, hip and hamstring openers, and backbends. We also get into seated poses, twists, and supine (laying down) poses. A brief resting period called savasana, which is most yogis' favorite part, occurs before the teacher brings you into a final seated posture and "om." If you have to leave early, please do so before savasana begins to be respectful of others.


If you feel at all sore after your first class, drink plenty of water, and you can take a warm bath with Epsom salts to to ease any muscle soreness. This should only occur in the beginning and subside as you get stronger. Stretching the day after a rigorous class is recommended to keep the energy flow in the body.


Most of all, give it a fair chance. Consistent practice over a period of time definitely will lead to results. If you stick with yoga, you will enjoy greater health and well-being as a result. Consistency in your practice will help you be more steadfast off the mat every day.


Our Community

Outside of regular classes, the Pulsation Yoga community often gathers for workshops, events, and exciting trips across the country


Pathway to Yoga Classes

Our classes are carefully designed to build upon your practice, beginning with the Yoga 101 series and progressing all the way to level 2.



Pulsation Yoga 101: A great way to start yoga for beginners who want to learn from the ground up, or a great way to go deeper for those who want to delve into details of their practice.


Arlington Heights: Saturdays 1-2 pm Jan 12-Feb 2 wtih Linda. Register here


Lake Zurich: Fridays 7-8 pm Jan 11-Feb 1 with Val.  Register here


Pulsation Yoga Basic Class: In Basic classes, you'll learn to perform fundamental poses with steadiness and confidence.  Click here



Consider enjoying a private session. Taking the Pulsation Yoga 101 is a great choice for most students, but some prefer to learn one-on-one.  If your schedule is busy and you can’t commit to the 4-week session, you might consider private lessons. Private sessions in combination with the Yoga 101 series and regular classes allow for the most detailed instruction. During sessions, you can take notes, ask questions, and take pictures and videos of poses. Click here for more information.

Please email: kathy@pulsationyoga.com to schedule a private session.


Yoga Etiquette Tips

Your yoga practice doesn't stop when you step off the mat. Please honor your practice and your fellow yogis' practice by observing good yoga etiquette.


• One of the first limbs of yoga is saucha, the practice of cleanliness in mind, body, and environment.

• Please arrive at least a few minutes before class starts so you have adequate time to put your belongings away and arrange your space.

• Please print your name on the sign-in sheet, and hand your swipe card to the person behind the desk.

• If you have an injury, please approach the teacher before class begins and tell them about it.  Please place your mat near the teacher's mat so  they can help you practice safely.

• Please keep the yoga space sacred by putting personal belongings on the provided shelves.

• Please especially keep jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, or  keys with your belongings in the back. Leaving them on the floor or mat risks damage to your belongings or your teacher's feet.

• If you are sick and at all contagious, please practice  at home to avoid spreading germs to the rest of the class. Giving yourself one day more than you think you need will allow your immune system to heal thoroughly.

• Please avoid strong perfumes and body odors in the  yoga space. Light essential oils are welcome.

• If you have to leave early, please do so before savasana starts so others will not be disturbed. Please do not spray mats during savasana.

• If you borrow a studio mat, please thoroughly spray it with the cleaner we provide, wipe it dry, and roll it up tightly for the next yogi to use.

• Please put props away neatly.


If you did your personal best for the day, you had a good practice.



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Our story behind why we created the "Levitate, then Meditate" Yoga & Bounce class:


It came as an idea a couple years ago, when Kathy was searching for a way to add cardio to her regular yoga practice. Because she has two metal rods in her back resulting from a spinal fusion, running and hard impact exercises that are top of the list for cardio were out of the picture. We researched and found out from a recommendation of a student and friend of ours (who suffers from an immune disease), that she uses the bellicon for her self care, and it has helped her tremendously.


Because of all the health benefits of bellicon we felt it fit in with our mission overall. Combining it with yoga is the perfect combination for those looking to do both stretching and cardio in one class. We designed a very unique sequence that warms up the body with yoga postures, then several minutes on the rebounder building from slow to peak, and back to cool down, then the remainder of the class using typical yoga sequence. And at the end 3 minutes meditation and savasana.


More information on the benefits of yoga and bounce

Buy a bellicon: bounce from the comfort of your home. Pulsation yoga is a proud affiliate partner with bellicon-USA. Purchase your bellicon today by clicking this link.

Video created by Thomas and Wade Balsamo, portraitsbythomas.com, Barrington IL