As many of you know, the state of Illinois is moving to Phase 5 in the Restore Illinois plan. This is good news, as the state metrics are meeting all benchmarks and we are seeing statewide COVID cases and positivity rates decline as vaccination rates continue to rise. To recap:

  • Friday, 6/11/21, IDPH and Gov Pritzker re-open the state with new health and safety guidelines in place
  • Under these guidelines, businesses are no longer restricted in capacity or offerings
  • Vaccinated individuals are ok to choose whether or not to continue using a mask indoors
  • Unvaccinated individuals are asked to use a mask when they cannot distance 6 feet indoors

Pulsation Yoga is excited about this news and we want to assure our community that we are working not only within these guidelines but also with your needs in mind. We want to honor everyone’s journey, as we know different members of our community may have differing levels of comfort in this changing environment. Therefore, we are not making dramatic changes all at once.

Please note the following studio updates

Effective in both studios Monday, June 14, 2021, (Pulsation Yoga in Arlington Heights and in Lake Zurich) for yoga classes:

  • We are continuing to limit capacity in both studios, but we are decreasing the required space between mats from 6+ feet to approximately 4 feet. This will increase the number of students possible in both studios but will still ensure some comfortable distance between mats. Most classes will still be able to distance more than this based on attendance.
  • Masks are no longer required for vaccinated individuals in the studio, but we respect your individual comfort level and decision. Unvaccinated individuals and those not comfortable yet without one should continue to wear a mask when not distanced.
  • Vaccinated teachers may start to teach off the mat again, moving around the studio as they teach. (note: Instructors teaching hybrid online classes will still be doing the majority of practice on the mat for the online audience, but may be moving off camera to view and assist in-studio students throughout class). Unvaccinated teachers are required to wear a mask when not distanced.
  • Consent Cards will be handed out in every class for students to leave at the top of their mat. Flip to the Green side if you are ok with the instructor providing close/hands on assistance, and flip to the Red side if you would prefer the instructor to refrain from assisting you on your mat (Please note, as always, instructors will approach students at risk of hurting themselves or others regardless of card).
  • Pulsation Yoga will continue to offer current live-streaming classes throughout June and most will continue in July. We will be assessing the need for continuing live-streaming based on attendance, additional/future capacity increases and student feedback.
  • We continue to encourage students to bring your own mats and props (also available for purchase in-studio). Studio props and mats are still available in-studio, and we ask students to help sanitize them after use.
  • We encourage students to continue registering for classes in advance to reserve your studio space and help relieve congestion at the front desk.

We can’t thank you all enough for your continued support and for sharing your practices with us, whether it’s been in-studio or online. And we look forward to seeing more of you soon.

Please refer to our online schedule before your regular class, as schedules may have changed. And be on the lookout for Pop Up Outdoor Classes! We hope to add some soon. You can also schedule your own private session or group class outdoors or in-studio with your favorite instructor, contact us to learn more and schedule.


Alison, Sandy and Susan