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Bhante Sujatha

Bhante Sujatha believes his job is not only teaching meditation, but also “teaching people how to be happy.” His primary goal is to help people apply the teachings of Buddhism to their everyday lives. According to Bhante, “the core essence of all the Buddhist teachings is the same; but how things are done, and the ways people are guided, is different.” To illustrate this with an analogy, he explains, “We can get into the ocean in different ways, or from different places, but it’s still the same ocean.”

Bhante Sujatha says that he “believes in change, rather than tradition,” particularly when dealing with life in our fast-paced Western society. His approach to teaching is easy-going rather than dogmatic, and he makes every attempt to explain things to his American audience so that even absolute beginners can understand how to practice meditation, and how to apply the spiritual teachings to their own daily lives.

“I hope to help people here by teaching them to see their jobs and work as a form of spiritual practice,” he says. “Then they can learn to enjoy whatever they are doing in the moment, instead of always worrying about the future or the past. That’s the most important thing.”

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