At Pulsation Yoga, we offer a variety of class purchases to suit your needs. We offer single drop-ins, class packages and 30-day packages, plus great new student deals and private sessions. Class packages expire one year from purchase date. If you know how often you plan to come into the studio, 30-day packages bring your cost down but they do expire 30 days after purchase, no matter how many are used. All class purchases are good at either the Arlington Heights yoga studio or the Lake Zurich yoga studio.

Class Packages

Expire One Year from Purchase

Adult Single Drop-In…$20

5-Class Pack…$80 ($16/ea)

10-Class Pack…$155 ($15.50/ea)

20-Class Pack…$300 ($15/ea)

Sharable with Family/Friends

Ages 62+, 11-23

Expire One Year from Purchase

Single Drop-In…$16

5-Class Pack…$75 (15/ea)

10-Class Pack…$145 (14.50/ea)

20-Class Pack…$280 ($14/ea)

Shareable with Family/Friends in Same Age Category

30-Day Packages

Expire 30 Days from Purchase

4x within 30 days… $58 ($14.50/ea)

6x within 30 days… $81 ($13.50/ea)

8x within 30 days… $104 ($13/ea)

30 Classes within 30… $127

Non-Shareable, no roll-overs, do not auto-renew

New Student Specials

Choose One on First Visit

New Student 1-week Unlimited… $29

New Student 2-week Unlimited… $49

These are a great way to try different teachers and classes and get to know the studio!

Private Yoga Sessions

Single or Group Sessions

Single Session… $80/$350 for 5

Group Session 1-3 People… $90/$420 for 5

Group Session 4-10 People… $150

Group Session 11-15 People…$180

To book a class simply visit our Class Schedule press the “Book Now” button next to your yoga class choice. The scheduling system will prompt you to log-in or create an account and complete your booking if you are not already registered with Pulsation Yoga.