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This is a great learning experience for anyone living with scoliosis, whether you are a yoga practitioner or not. This is also a one of a kind learning opportunity for any yoga instructor, teacher or trainee.

The workshop is designed for students with Scoliosis and is based on Therapeutic Movements & Techniques utilizing Yoga for Scoliosis/Back Care Principles (to lengthen) and ScolioPilates (to strengthen). Note: no previous yoga or Pilates experience necessary.

  • Focus on breath
  • Lengthen the spine
  • Align the hips and shoulders
  • Address hyper mobility and focus on strengthening
  • Address the rotational component
  • Postural alignment and strengthening
  • Defy gravity – using props to create traction, inversions to lengthen the spine and release pain

Linda Benton will guide you through yoga postures and Pilates strengtheners that will slowly coax your body into a more symmetrical alignment. You will stretch muscles that have tightened and strengthen muscles that have grown weak and then strengthen those same muscles so that a true integration of change is incorporated into the body = the lengthening to “stick”.

As you progress, your breathing will be freer and your body will be in less pain. Using certain yoga and Pilates postures and breathing awareness, you will find the balance point that allows your back to coexist with gravity. Can you feel your spine sighing with relief?

About Linda Benton

Linda Benton has over 20 years of yoga and Pilates teaching experience. She combines therapeutic movement and techniques thru the modalities of yoga and Pilates for scoliosis to support spinal health. Her certifications include:

  • C-IAYT
  • Yoga for Back Care & Scoliosis Certified Trainer
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Certified
  • Pilates Institute of America Certified
  • Advanced Certificates in ScolioPilates
  • American Heart Association Adult and Child CPR Certified

Linda is on staff with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy’s School Functional Anatomy Division, teaching the teachers therapeutic movement and techniques for scoliosis. She’s studied under some of the top yoga master teachers in the country and assisted and interned with renowned master Iyengar teachers Gabriel Halpern formerly at Yoga Circle/Chicago and under Nancy Fox (formerly DL Heraty), C-IAYT certified yoga therapist and author of the book, “Yoga for Scoliosis”. Other master teachers she’s extensively studied and trained under include Elise Browning Miller/Iyengar, Nancy Fox/Iyengar, Dr. Loren Fishman/Iyengar, Debra Wolk/Iyengar, Doug Keller/Iyengar, Maria Shamus, Durga Leela, Indu Arora, Amy Weintraub, Chinnamasta Stiles, Nischala Joy Devi and Neil Pearson (to name a few).

Level: All Level

Requirements: No yoga or pilates experience necessary, but all students must be able to get up and down from the floor easily.

What You Need: Comfortable clothes, a yellow 6’ theraband (lightest resistance) and several hand towels. Therabands can be purchased in advance or at the studio for $14.

Cost: $90