**UPDATE as of February 28, 2022, Pulsation Yoga no longer requires masks or vaccines, per the updated state of IL and Cook County guidance. Please respect the choices of your fellow students and instructors.**

In response to the current COVID-19 surge of cases and hospitalizations in suburban Cook County, Cook County Department of Public Health issued a new mitigation order for its suburban Cook County jurisdiction on Thursday, December 23, 2021. This is in addition to the statewide mitigation that has been in effect since August 30, 2021, requiring masks to enter and participate in class.

Specifically, the new order calls for proof of vaccination for customers in many different settings, including in fitness facilities (specifically calling out “yoga studios”). In addition, the Cook County order requires any employees on site to be fully vaccinated or to provide weekly negative COVID test results. The order will go into effect January 3, 2022, and will remain in place until Cook County lifts it.

Pulsation Yoga Arlington Heights is located in Cook County and therefore is required to comply with the new mitigation order.

Per the Cook County order:

An individual is considered fully-vaccinated:

  • Two weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series with an approved COVID-19 vaccine, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or
  • Two weeks after a single-dose series with an approved COVID-19 vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.

An approved COVID-19 Vaccine is:

  • A vaccine has been authorized or approved by either the Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization to prevent COVID19, whether for emergency use or otherwise.

Proof of vaccination means:

  • A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card; or
  • An official immunization record from the jurisdiction, state, or country where the vaccine was administered; or
  • An ‘app’ that provides a digital record of vaccinations; or
  • A digital or physical photo of such a card or record that includes the individual’s name, the vaccine brand administered, and the date the vaccination was administered

The exemptions listed in the order that apply to Pulsation Yoga Arlington Heights include:

  • Individuals who have previously received a medical exemption, as long as proof of the medical exemption and a COVID-19 test administered by a medical professional within the last 24 hours prior to entering a business covered by the Order are provided to the business upon entry.
  • An individual 18 years of age or younger who enters a business subject to this Order to participate in a school activity or after-school program offered by any pre-kindergarten through 12th grade public or non-public school.

For Pulsation Yoga Arlington Heights, the following protocol must be followed as of January 3, 2022:

  • Any student entering the studio for class participation must be fully vaccinated per definition above
  • They must show proof of vaccination per the guidance listed above, the first time they come in for class on or after January 3, 2022, along with an identification verifying their name, such as a state issued ID or Driver’s license if ages 16 and above
  • At that time, the staff member working the desk and registering students must mark them correctly in Wellness Living as “Fully Vaccinated,” “Partially Vaccinated,” or “Not Vaccinated”
  • Once a student is marked as “Fully Vaccinated” in our system by an employee who verified their status, that student does not have to show proof of vaccination again, as it will be housed in the system
  • Fully vaccinated students are able to enter the studio and participate in class, per the Cook County order
  • Any student “Partially Vaccinated” or “Not Vaccinated” may not participate in class; they are welcome to freeze their account or to use their classes for online options
    • Students must email info@pulsationyoga.com to request their account frozen until they can return to the studio
    • No refunds or account credits will be issued

Pulsation Yoga Lake Zurich:

  • Pulsation Yoga in Lake Zurich is in Lake County, and at this time, does not require proof of vaccination or testing for students or staff as it does not fall under the Cook County order
  • Any Lake Zurich staff that subs in Arlington Heights must comply with the Cook County order and the Pulsation Yoga Arlington Heights protocol as listed above.
  • Any students in Lake Zurich that would like to voluntarily provide proof of vaccination for recording in Wellness Living may do so and Lake Zurich staff will record it as defined above

Any questions about how this order affects Pulsation Yoga can be directed to info@pulsationyoga.com. Any questions about the Cook County order itself should be directed to Cook County Public Health or directly to the office of Toni Preckwinkle, President, Cook County Board of Commissioners.

Pulsation Yoga continues to offer an online class almost every day of the week, live-streaming via Zoom. Check our weekly schedule for details and registration. We also have a library of pre-recorded online classes you can access for free at your convenience.