*Pulsation Yoga 101 is a series of sequential classes that will ease you into a dedicated yoga practice. Over four classes, you will learn the elements of most yoga classes, including breathing techniques and safe alignment principles. Through demonstrations and verbal queues, an experienced teacher will show you proper foundation and use of muscle energy to find balance in any pose. While the series is a great way for beginners to learn from the ground up, it is also beneficial for those who already have a yoga practice, but want to broaden their basic knowledge of yoga.


Preregistration is required for this series; please call 847-989-7792 to register. See the schedule below for the upcoming session.


NOTE: If you need to miss a class from the 101 series, you can make it up by attending a regular basic-level class within one week of the end of the session.

The Series is a 4 week session and the cost is $75.


** Purchase a 10-Pack during your 101 Series, and get 10% off. Like getting 1 FREE class! Must purchase 10-pack during the 101 class to get the discount.




The Yoga 101 Schedule:

Arlington Heights:


Sundays: September 10-October 1: 12-1:15 pm

Wednesdays: October 25-November 15: 8:15-9:30 pm

Sundays: January 14-February 5: 12-1:15 pm

Sundays: February 18-March 11: : 12-1:15 pm

April 8-29: : 12-1:15 pm



Lake Zurich:


Saturdays: September 9-30: 12-1:15 pm

Saturdays: October 28-November 18: 12-1:15 pm

Saturdays: January 6-February 7

Tuesdays: April 10-May 1: : 12-1:15 pm


Yoga 101 Student Stories

Even Grandpas Can Do Yoga

By: Jim Harbaugh


Five years ago, I injured my back and after steroid shots in my spine, it got better. About a year ago, I again injured my back and again went and got shots, and while I found some relief, things weren’t quite right. My wife, Shelly, who has been taking yoga classes at Pulsation Yoga since it opened, suggested yoga might be the answer. Being somewhat fit but having no yoga experience at all (and not wanting to make a fool of myself in front of others), I thought beginning with the Yoga 101 series might be the best way to start.


During the classes, I learned basic postures and how one pose was likely to flow into the next. I remember that while it was nothing complicated, particular poses were rather challenging, and I learned that “muscling through” would not be the way to “master” the technique. The teacher covered classroom etiquette and breathing techniques. Also, students were free to ask questions with lots of opportunity for give and take...  read on


A Pulsation Yoga Student Takes Us Inside the Yoga 101 Series

Guest Writer: Sheila K Kessler


Another series of Yoga 101 begins this week. I remember my first call to Pulsation to sign up for 101. Owner Jim Simonik answered the phone, as he always does, and ran through the perfunctory questions: Have you done yoga before? Where? How often? Do you have any injuries or physical limitations that the instructor should keep in mind? What do you hope to learn?


This was not the gym yoga experience that I had previous to practicing at an actual yoga studio, and I got the sense that this was yoga done right.  No one had asked me these things before, or had taken the time to understand that while I have two rods attached to my spine, it may not present the limitation that one might expect, but it should still be considered.


Yoga and I flirted for many years: at the gym, in books, once with my mom with a groovy-ish ‘70’s vibe when I was a kid. I was flexible and had always been physically active, but I was getting older, creakier, and, let’s face it, sedentary and chubby, bringing with it all the associated aches and pains of not taking care of your health. My exercise routine had grown cobwebs. That said, it always included good form, so signing up for a 101 course to ensure proper technique made sense......

read on

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