Our story behind why we created the "Levitate, then Meditate" Yoga & Bounce class:


How can you enhance your already perfect yoga class? By integrating heart health, lymphatic drainage, weight loss, perhaps more playfulness. In the Levitate, then Meditate (Yoga & Bounce Classes) the tradition of yoga marries the benefits of rebounding, creating a more comprehensive approach to your overall health. We will feature two types of sessions: 15-Minute Bounce Only sessions and 1-Hour long Yoga and Bounce Sessions.


Each Yoga & Bounce session will open with warming the body up, and 15 minutes of choreographed bounce techniques followed by 45 minutes of traditional yoga, meditation and savasana.


It came as an idea a couple years ago, when Kathy was searching for a way to add cardio to her regular yoga practice. Because she has two metal rods in her back resulting from a spinal fusion, running and hard impact exercises that are top of the list for cardio were out of the picture. We researched and found out from a recommendation of a student and friend of ours (who suffers from an immune disease), that she uses the bellicon for her self care, and it has helped her tremendously.


Because of all the health benefits of bellicon we felt it fit in with our mission overall. Combining it with yoga is the perfect combination for those looking to do both stretching and cardio in one class. We designed a very unique sequence that warms up the body with yoga postures, then several minutes on the rebounder building from slow to peak, and back to cool down, then the remainder of the class using typical yoga sequence. And at the end 3 minutes meditation and savasana.


Benefits of Rebounding

A bellicon workout is like treating yourself to a full-body tune-up. It will strengthen your heart, build lung capacity and prevent your bones from losing density and becoming brittle. You’ll burn fat, increase your energy and help your body stay strong, aligned and balanced. You’ll also be helping your immune system to flush toxins, bacteria and waste. All at the same time.


Lymphatic System

On the bellicon, lymph fluid does flow twice as fast. Walking on hard ground was compared with the movements on the mini-trampoline. The aim of the experiment was to test which training accelerates the lymph flow faster. The measurements were carried out on a healthy test person with a normal body fat percentage and a body weight of 65 kg.





Schedule of Classes


All our Levitate (Yoga & Bounce) classes are in Lake Zurich and suitable to all levels


Yoga and Bounce Combination 1-Hour long classes

Sunday: 10:45-11:45 am with Jim

Monday: 5:30-6:30 pm with Amy

Saturdays: 8-9 am with Val


15-Minute Bounce Only Classes

Thursday: 6:40-6:55 pm with Kyle

Wednesdays: 5:10-5:25 with Sharon

Tuesdays: 10:35-10:50 with Sandy

Fridays: 5:10 with Val



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Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis

"I am an Osteopathic Physician and Highly Recommend Bellicon with it's bungee technology; It is a smooth non impact exercise that works all your muscles, ligaments, and bones (ones you have never dreamed of!!!) and most of all lympathics...that fight cancer and other ailments.......When you finish ..you feel alive and virgorous...with NO Huge effort on your part....I would call it more FUN than exercise....Treat Your BODY to This Fountain of Youth....and Give it "The Breath" It Deserves!!!!!"


Sports Injuries: Darren Barker is a British boxer. Injuries, including a persistent problem with his hip, threatened to end his career, but rather than retire, he decided to change his training methods. He began working with Wayne Leal, whose methods, as far as professional boxers are concerned, are very unorthodox, including meditation, yoga...and bellicon rebounding!


Buy a bellicon: bounce from the comfort of your home. Pulsation yoga is a proud affiliate partner with bellicon-USA.  Purchase your bellicon today - follow this link

Back Pain

This may come as a surprise to many people – including back pain sufferers - but if your back and core muscles are weak, they can’t help take the load off spinal discs and vertebrae. A gentle, low-impact workout on a bellicon® does a great job of building the muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and hips that are so important in supporting your back. Plus, it relaxes tight, overworked muscles and strengthens them at the same time.


Immune System

We all want an immune system that’s fighting fit. Rebounding on a bellicon® is a great way to drill your body’s defences, especially as aerobic exercise is one of the key aspects of immune support – and it’s a lot more gentle than jogging.


The reason bouncing gives your immune system such a boost is that it effectively raises your metabolism and enhances cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation. This increased flow moves lymphocytes and antibodies – the troops – faster through your body, ridding it of impurities and invaders.



From the mental perspective, focusing on a physical activity soothes a busy mind. This is partly because getting on your bellicon® floods the brain with endorphins. Released during exercise, these feel-good neurotransmitters counteract the effects of stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling more peaceful and centered.


Plus a list of other benefits addressing: Weight Control, Diabetes , Cardiovascular, Osteoporosis, Sports Injuries, Balance, Seniors and People with Special Needs


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We use bellicon rebounders made in Germany.


Why is the bellicon better quality than other rebounders?


It's simple - you get what you pay for.


The bellicon is the only rebounder of its kind and the highest quality available. With the focus of German engineering on quality and performance comes the most advanced rebounder in the world. The bellicon is unique for the following reasons:


• The quality of the craftsmanship. No corners are cut in the manufacturing of all bellicon components. Individually assembled, no corners cut.


• The high-tech bungees, specifically engineered for rebounding. These bungees create the best bounce possible for maximum health and fitness benefits, safety, and fun.


• Frame is in one piece, screw-in legs: industry-leading quality high-gauge steel frame and legs