2 Studios: 55 classes, 25 instructors.

Starting January 2: Yoga & rebounding
"Levitate, then Meditate"


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Pulsation Yoga 101 (new students or refresher course) Register here

Basic Level (beginning students)

Basic/Level 1 (beginners ready to advance)

Gentle Flow (basic to level 1)

Level 1 (beginners who are ready to advance)

Level 1-2 (6 mos. or longer of practice ideal)

Level 2 (for the experienced yoga practitioner)

Restorative, Therapeutic-Oriented, Recovery, Yin: all are welcome to these classes)

Cardio-Yo Level 1-2 looking for cardio and yoga)


Levitate, then Meditate Class Levels (Yoga & Bounce Classes) (starting Jan 2)
How can you enhance your already perfect yoga class? By integrating heart health, lymphatic drainage, weight loss, perhaps more playfulness. In the Levitate, then Meditate (Yoga & Bounce Classes) the tradition of yoga marries the benefits of rebounding, creating a more comprehensive approach to your overall health. Each session will open with warming the body up, and 20 minutes of choreographed bounce techniques followed by 40 minutes of traditional yoga, meditation and savasana.

See details on this new class starting Jan 2!

Bounce 101 is a one day intro to help you get acclimated to bouncing and getting your feet off the ground! Detailed instruction of the technique and an intro to the regular class sequence.

Basic/Level 1 (beginner to level 1 for students with a general knowledge of yoga postures and a desire to increase stamina and balance )

Level 1-2 (6 mos. or longer of yoga practice is recommended and a desire to bump up your level of stamina and balance)