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Please log into the wellness living website: https://www.wellnessliving.com/login/pulsationyoga - put in the email address you used to register at our studio, and click the "need password" button - you will be prompted with an email to reset your password. or download their free app on your phone. Its called WellnessLiving Achieve. Please keep track of your login information to avoid duplicate identities in the system.


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Yoga Class Levels  Choose your best fit

Pulsation Yoga 101 (new students or refresher course)

Basic Level (beginning students)

Basic/Level 1 (beginners ready to advance)

Gentle Flow (basic to level 1)

Level 1 (beginners who are ready to advance)

Level 1-2 (6 mos. or longer of practice ideal)

Level 2 (for the experienced yoga practitioner)

Restorative, Therapeutic-Oriented, Recovery, Yin: all are welcome to these classes)

Cardio-Yo Level 1-2 looking for cardio and yoga


Class Pre-Registration New for 2018! You can now pre-register for all classes in advance on our website. Pre-registration is not mandatory, but make sign in smoother. Walk-ins always welcome. Check-in procedure remains the same; when you arrive, print your name on the sign-in sheet, alert the front desk staff/teacher you have arrived.


The Bounce classes will be pre-register and pre pay. We do welcome walk-ins but space is limited in these classes pre registration is highly encouraged. In the event you pre register and cant make it please email us ideally 24 hours prior to class because if the class fills we will have a wait list and would remove you from the list and not charge you, allowing someone else to attend. email to: info@pulsationyoga.com


Yoga & Bounce Classes
How can you enhance your already perfect yoga class? By integrating heart health, lymphatic drainage, weight loss, perhaps more playfulness. In the Levitate, then Meditate (Yoga & Bounce Classes) the tradition of yoga marries the benefits of rebounding, creating a more comprehensive approach to your overall health.


Offering 15-minute bounce classes and 1-hour yoga and bounce combination classes.

You might like coming strictly for the bounce because that's all you have time for that day. Or you might combine the bounce class with your favorite yoga class before or after. others may want the full hour long combo bounce and yoga class. All Classes are Basic/Level 1 (beginner to level 1 for students with a general knowledge of yoga postures and a desire to increase stamina and balance ) Classes are pre-register, pre-pay.





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