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Pulsation Yoga is very proud of our news coverage, including community features in local papers and interviews with co-owner Kathy Simonik in Prevention Magazine and on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet.


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How Yoga Saved My Back

Fox TV The Mike & Juliet Show
by Kathy Simonik


Watch the video about Kathy's battle with 3 back surgeries and how yoga
and holistic medicine helped her

Featured story in Prevention Magazine, September 2007 issue.  Aired on the Fox Morning Show Mike and Juliette show in New York August 9th. Click to read the article.

Kathy Simonik  Yoga Chicago Teacher Profile  March/April 2013

Kathy Simonik: From Reluctant Yoga Student to Avid Yoga Teacher


By Nikki Deasy  Photos by Anthony M. Tortoriello II

Kathy’s yoga journey began in a coffee shop. She was seeing a napropath for her back problems, but he made it clear she would need to take charge of her health with more self-care. He pointed her towards yoga and how it could help her.


Kathy was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 21. Subsequent to her diagnosis, she experienced a ruptured disc, a laminectomy, another ruptured disc three years later, epidural steroid injections, multiple rounds of traction, two sleepless years due to back pain, spondylolisthesis (condition in which a vertebra slips out of proper position onto the vertebra below it), a procedure to place rods in her spine, and a screw breaking a vertebra in half and lodging in her spinal canal with her sciatic nerve wrapped around it. Her surgeon suggested more procedures, but Kathy had reached her limit.


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Local residents Kathy & Jim Simonik bring their 20 years of yoga experience to Lake Zurich when they opened their second studio in the Village Green shopping Center at 729 W Route 22 on Sunday, August 24th. After building their yoga community 3 years ago in Arlington Heights, they decided to expand to the Lake Zurich community.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that I've learned in the first 2 session of this Sunday's 101 beginner class. My first yoga ever was your hip opener class back when you first opened. I'm learning so much in the Sunday classes. I am eagerly awaiting the next class.


MD (April 2012)

Hi Kathy,


It as so good to see you last night! It kind of felt like coming home again. You and Jim have created a beautiful sanctuary where people
can come for a much needed respite. The atmosphere brings a soothing and calming balm to the spirit. Your love of people and desire to bring health and wellness to everyone who walks through your doors is so evident.
We are so blessed by you and Jim!


CF (November 2011)

Dear Kathy & Jim:


I left class earlier tonight with peace in my heart and tears in my eyes. The class was just perfect...It felt so safe and serene in that room. This is what yoga is supposed to feel like! many blessings to you this day and for at least 20 years to come. You have found your special niche in the big picture and we are so lucky to be a small part of it. Congratulations! I am bursting with pride!


DM (September 2011)

Review from the

Dear Jim & Kathy,


As your dreams of opening your own studio, Pulsation Yoga has become a reality, may it be to those who enter a place to find and develop their "core".


2-1/2 years ago when I first began your class, at age 75, never have taken yoga before, I suffered from severe back issues along with having several spinal injections. Now the muscles in my back have strengthened and I no longer need the injections for pain. I also had previously shrunk 2" and in the first year you taught us yoga, I regained 1". Jim and Kathy, may you and your staff have many wonderful years teaching at Pulsation Yoga.


JM  ((September 2011)




Jim and Kathy,


Thank you for letting me join your amazing yoga retreat in Sedona. It was a wonderful trip and experience, and I'm so grateful that you were willing to let me share in it. You have clearly had such a positive impact on your yoga students, based on your loyal following. I loved the yoga, meditation and the journaling. I loved the hiking and will never forget climbing up cathedral rock! Thanks again


SM (September 2012)

Hi Kathy,


Don't know how I can thank you for that wonderful private. I've followed up with a new orthopedic surgeon who really really likes what you taught me and about putting curve in my flat back, the standing cat/cows and learning to 'ignite' my leg muscles. He actually listened!
No surgery! Hope, peace and love to your family during this joyous season.


JT (December 2011)

Thanks to everyone for all the referrals! You help the studio grow!

Jill Barnum winner of the ipad mini!

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