One-on-One Yoga Sessions

Private Lessons & Therapeutic-Oriented Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions allow you the opportunity for very detailed instruction with no distractions. You are able to work on a specific pose or multiple poses that you are trying to master in your practice, from basic level to challenging poses such as handstand, arm balances, and inversions. Alternatively, if you are new to yoga, starting out with private sessions can help you become more comfortable with the practice, and thus more prepared feeling for a regular group class. The instructor works at your pace, and you may stop at any time to ask questions, take notes, and even take videos or pictures of poses to better your understanding.


When Pulsation owner Kathy first started yoga, it was in an attempt to avoid a fourth and fifth back and neck surgery. She started attending private therapeutic-oriented sessions with an instructor who understood the alignment principles necessary to help guide her back into the optimal well-being and holistic health. During sessions, Kathy will recommend specific postural instructions suited for your needs. We recommend taking notes and photos or short videos of the instruction so you can review at home and work the poses into a daily “homework.” Scheduling follow-up sessions will help to further your practice.



Benefits of Private Sessions:


• One-on-one with your instructor, so you can go deeper into the pose.


• Work on details for all the poses that you individually find challenging or difficult to accomplish.


• Strengthen your understanding of the basics so you can advance to a higher level in your practice.


• Build more stamina and endurance for class; become stronger on and off the mat.





Private Yoga Lessons


Private yoga lessons provide an opportunity to have one-on-one yoga instruction with the teacher of your choice. These sessions allow teachers to evaluate where you are in your practice and give personalized instruction to help you move forward. If you are a new student, this is an optimal way to learn the basic elements of yoga at your own pace and to have all your questions answered. If you have physical challenges, your private instructor will tailor the poses to your body's abilities and teach you how to modify your practice when in a regular group class.


Therapeutically-Oriented Private Sessions


Therapeutically-oriented private sessions benefit students suffering from injuries or ailments. Using the Universal Principles of Alignment™, your private instructor will suggest a unique set of postural instructions tailored to your needs to help bring you back into well being.  The initial appointment will be a 15- to 30-minute interview, followed by a 45-minute session. You will then receive yoga instruction for  poses to do regularly on your own as “homework”. If you have an injury or illness, please ask for your doctor's approval to practice yoga before hand. You may want to do a number of private sessions until you are feeling more at ease joining a public class. We will recommend the proper yoga class for you when it is appropriate.


60-Minute Private Yoga Sessions


Semi-private single session (up to 3 people): $100

Private single session: $85

Package of 10: $700

Package of 5: $375


Therapeutic-Oriented Private Sessions


Initial single session (75 minutes long): $120

Follow up sessions 60 minutes long:

Follow-up single session: $100

Package of 10: $875

Package of 5: $450


To schedule a private: please call: 847-989-7792

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