Our Policies

A word about our policies

Please carefully read the terms of the packages below. Our policies are subject to change, so referring back to this page regularly will ensure you have updated information. We have a no refund policy on all packages. Policies for our workshops are listed separately on our workshops page.


Terms of the packages, specials and 101 series:

• Packages are non-transferable, non-sharable, no refunds.

• 101 Series classes (and workshops) are NOT included in your package and are purchased separately.

• Yoga and Levitate Class packages are purchased separately

• Only our Special offers like the 9 blast have expiration dates


All students must register and create a new account before practicing yoga at the studio. Click on "login | Register" in the header above to create a login and register. Once you log in you can check how many classes you have left in your package and renew packages by selecting the buy now buttons below. (or you may fill out a form in person just before class starts). Please keep track of your login information to avoid duplicate identities in the system. Children under 18 will need parents to create an account and accept the terms in the form. Children under the age of 12 cannot attend class unless a parent accompany them, as long as they can focus on the class.


Pre register for the Cardi-yo and Levitate (yoga & bounce) classes and all workshops only. All other classes are not pre register.   Enroll now for any of our workshops or the 101 series. (find buy now button on the left)


With the purchase of a class package you can come to any regular class at either studio location. The discounted Teen and Senior package have to be paid for in person to verify age.


Terms of the Monthly Pass:

• Limited to 1 yoga class a day, no rollovers. Packages are

non-transferable, non sharable, no refunds. You may also upgrade to a yoga & bounce class for $3 a class.


Create a login so you can check on how many classes you have:

• Once you create a login you can purchase packages, workshops and drop-in classes. You can also see how many classes you have left in your package. When you click the buy now button you will be prompted to log in or create a new log in. It's easy. Please archive your login info.


All billing and policy questions, please contact: linda@pulsationyoga.com. Prices subject to change. Full terms, conditions on our website.



Private and Therapeutic Sessions

Private Sessions are great for learning from the ground up, getting detailed instruction, refining those tricky or more challenging poses (like handstand!) and also for those recovering from injury or illness and want to be monitored and need modifications (choose a therapeutic-oriented session). To schedule a private, call 847-989-7792 for a consultation on the phone and to schedule with the yoga instructor that can best meet your needs.


Single session (1 hour): $85

5-Pack: $375

10 Pack: $700

1 Semi-Private (3 or less): $100



Initial session (75 min): $120

Follow up (1 hour): $100

5 pack (after initial session): $450

10 pack (after initial session: $875



Client Reward Program


We have a community driven rewards program, one that is easy to use, no buttons to push. Nothing fancy, just a simple grass roots approach where we show you our thanks. When a colleague you refer comes in and buys a 10-pack, you will receive 100 points (worth $10 towards any merchandise in our store or toward any workshop). Note your points will expire one year from when they were posted.



Your points were equally converted to our internal reward points. One referral now equates to 100 points or $10 to use toward retail and workshops. (formerly in the other system it was 400 points equated to $10 but in this system it is 100 points for $10)









Use the identical login you created on our own site. NOTE IF YOU DONT have a login yet create one once you click onto the orange link button above, or if you forgot your password log in with the same email address you gave us and click forgot password to create a new one. Please archive your login information to ensure you dont have two identities in the system. (to ensure you get the points you deserve)


After you log in: View reward points by clicking on the My info tab, then clicking on Account.


Let desk staff assist you in using your points for purchases.



In the former system, you had to refer a friend through a cumbersome process within another website and, and you needed to accrue 4 referrals to equal enough points for a $10 gift card. Now you only need ONE referral (who purchases a 10 pack), and 100 points (or $10) goes into your account.  Desk staff and teachers will be aware when a new student purchases a package to ask them if someone referred them. To ensure you get the points you deserve, make sure to ask your referral to inform us at the desk when they make the purchase.




Any item in our retail store, or toward any workshop or excursion. (Sorry, Cannot be used to purchase classes or packages)

Purchases made using reward points cannot be discounted.




Nothing to join you are already enrolled automatically


Terms of the program (please read):


• Points are not transferrable.

• Like in the old Perkville program, points can only be applied towards retail purchases or workshops or excursions, NOT toward yoga classes.

• Purchases made using reward points cannot be discounted.

• Points expire one year after you earn them. (points that were transferred from Perkville will have one year from 11/1/17 to be redeemed, and any new points earned have a year from when they are earned to be used)

• You may purchase items of greater value than your reward points by adding the extra amount to cover the sale

• Offers subject to change.






Features of this page include:

• Class Rates and Buy Now Options

• Gift Card Purchases

• Private Sessions

• Our Package Policies

• Client Rewards Program



Class Rates & Buy Now Buttons


New Student 2-pack drop-in for Yoga Class $25:


New Student 2-pack drop-in for Levitate (Yoga & Bounce) Class $30:


New Student Yoga 10-Class Package $148:


New Student Levitate 10-Class Package $179:


New-Student 10-Class Pack 62+ and 11-23: $129 ($12.90/class)




10-Class Yoga Package $158:



10-Class Pack: 62+, and 11-23 year olds $139 ($13.90/class)



"9 Blast": a special short-term package: on sale now, activates on Black Friday, Nov 25. All classes must be used by and expire on Dec 31, thereafter there is no rollover.

Because the price of this offer is deeply discounted, you will only have until the expiration date to use, no exceptions please. If there are classes left over they wont roll over. Not transferable and no sharing on this special offer. You may purchase prior to Black Friday but they wont activate until that date. If you have an existing package, you will use these first and your package will be waiting for you.




10-Class Levitate (Yoga & Bounce) Package $189:


4-Class Levitate (Yoga & Bounce) Package $80:


Monthly Pass $125: (no contract or minimum requirement, renewable each month)


Single Adult Drop-In Rate $20:


Single 62 + 11-23 Year Old Drop-In Rate $15: (please buy in person)


Single Levitate Drop-In Rate $23:


Upgrade to a single Levitate (Yoga & Bounce) with one class from your regular yoga 10 pack:


$10 Class: (or use cash in person, or use one class from your regular yoga 10-pack:


101 Series: Arlington Heights: Sundays: noon-1:15 pm
Jan 14-Feb 4 - 4 Week Package $80


101 Series: Lake Zurich: Wednesdays: 6:45 pm: Jan 10-31  4 week Package $80


Gift Cards & Gift Certificates


Buy a Gift Certificate Online! Make shopping easy without having to come in.  Simply click the link below. It will take you to our shopping page. You will be able to choose the recipient, customize the look of the card, and even include a personal message, and select your dollar amount.


You choose where the card is sent and the specific date you want it sent. You can send direct to your recipient or have it sent to you to wrap as a gift and give in person. The card will be immediately emailed to you to print out on your end. The gift certificate will be numbered and recorded on our end. Recipient can use towards any retail item, towards a package or classes or workshops.





Gift Certificates How to and FAQ's"


STEP ONE: click on the link above to take you to our online purchase store. Once you are there, pull down the menu (upper left hand side of the screen below the main menu bar) to select the amount you want to purchase. Fill in all the fields and select your design. Click the green button Make  purchase.



 STEP TWO: It will take you to the check out screen. Sign in as guest to finish your purchase.



STEP THREE: You choose if the gift card is sent direct or if you want to personally give on your end. The gift card has a unique card number on it and UPC code that will be used when the card is redeemed.


To return to our Pulsation Yoga home page and website, click on the logo in the menu bar at top, it will take you back to our home page.

We will email you the gift certificate, same day you purchase it, to print out on your end. The gift certificate will be numbered and recorded on our end. Please treat it like cash.


Are there limits on usage of the certificate?

Recipient can use towards any retail item, towards a package, a private lession or on classes or workshops. Treat it as cash and keep in a safe place. They can be redeemed at either of our locations in Arlington Heights or Lake Zurich and they never expire.


What if the purchase is not the same amount as the original certificate?

Thats's simple: if the value of the certificate is $50 and you spend $30, that balance will remain on the card to be used at a later date.


NOTE: We do sell standard gift cards in house at either studio if you prefer. We are open 15 minutes before and after class and weekends approx 8 am until about 12:30 pm, some longer hours during holidays. (you can email info@pulsationyoga.com for detailed hours). The gift cards sold in person are only valid for purchases at either store and can't be used for online purchases. Buying gift cards online gives you a few more options.



9 Classes $99 see below