We are happy to be offering the following services in our studio:

• Massage Therapy

• Thai Bodywork and Massage

• Reiki Sessions

• Acupuncture


Services are described below.

Kristen Knowles, CMT

Massage & Reiki Sessions

Massage is not only good for the body, it is good for the spirit. A deep, relaxed state allows the brain and body to rejuvenate and leaves you with a sense of peace and wellness.


My massage incorporates many modalities that i have trained in for the past 15 years. I will talk with you about your body work needs, address any concerns and will assess your physical state so that I can individualize your treatment.


As a Reiki Master, I also incorporate energy work into my treatments as I believe that blocked energy can create dis-ease and pain. Reiki opens the pathways that allow the free flow of Ki and allows the body to heal.


60 minutes $80

90 minutes $110


By Appointment at Pulsation Yoga, at both studio locations.


Please contact Kristin directly to schedule an appointment at 414-530-3529. For detailed information on my services please visit k2bodyworks.com


Kristin Knowles


Beginning in 1990 Kristen worked as an MRI Technologist, developing a wide knowledge of anatomy and physiology that has brought a profound understanding of how humans function physically.  While interviewing thousands of patients about their health problems, Kristen came to realize that a large percentage of patients' complaints were the result of emotional and spiritual degradation that manifested as physical pain.  That insight motivated her to seek a better understanding of how humans function emotionally and spiritually and how dysfunction in these areas can create dis-ease.


So began Kristen's journey into holistic healing.  Massage therapy was her first introduction to alternative medicine.  As she progressed in school, she found that she wanted to learn more, not only about the physical body, but also about the energetic body.  Reiki was the answer. Kristen became a Reiki Practitioner and then Reiki Master, in the Usui method, and incorporates Reiki in her massage sessions as well as performing traditional Reiki treatments. Through both energetic and physical treatments, Kristen feels she is able to guide her clients towards a path of healing and balance.


Both as a Massage Therapist and Reiki Master, Kristen find that her interaction with and connection to her clients are the most gratifying parts of her work.

Liz Moses

Thai Massage Sessions

By Appointment at Pulsation Yoga, at both studio locations.


Arlington Heights

Tuesdays: 4:15 - 5:05 pm and 6:20-7:15 pm

Wednesdays: 4:15 - 5:05, 6:20-7:15 pm


Lake Zurich: Thursday: 4:30 - 5:20, 6:50-7:30



Thereafter: her regular hours will be:

9 am - 8 pm Mondays Arlington Heights

9 am - 8 pm Fridays Lake Zurich



Introductory (first session trial):

$55 for 60 minute session

$80 for 60 minute session

$110  for 90 minute session


Contact Liz direct for appointments:

Liz Moses  Thai Yoga Body



Liz Moses

Certified Thai Bodywork Practitioner

trained in Clinical Thai Bodywork



Thai bodywork is a unique experience, which increases circulation of energy through the body and helps to alleviate pain and tension, providing a deep sense of wellness and relaxation. The Thai approach brings you into various asana while compression, palpation, and deep stretches are incorporated. Having the body in motion during bodywork provides a healing modality that cannot be accessed with the limited mobility provided by a massage table.


Liz has trained with master Thai Massage teachers Chuck Duff and Chris Ray. She has also been trained in trigger point therapy which targets specific areas of pain in the body and in conjunction with Thai technique provides dramatic relief from muscular pain, weakness, and dysfunction. Her extensive training includes Clinical Thai Bodywork (CTB), which has been designed to provide a more analytical approach to Thai massage, targeting specific pain in the body using Thai technique. Gentle compression, palpation, and CTB techniques are used to alleviate the underlying causes of pain rather than treating only symptoms.


Liz is a gentle healer and practitioner who is passionate about providing therapeutic bodywork and the powerful energy it has to facilitate relaxation, rejuvenation, and soothing relief of chronic pain and muscular dysfunction. She incorporates the breath, relaxation technique, and a spiritual approach to the mind/body healing process, and her compassionate approach honors the body’s innate capacity for healing. Liz has been a Thai Bodywork Practitioner for three years and finds her work to be very gratifying as she has been able to help clients who have not been able to find relief through other approaches.  A session with Liz always includes self-care instructions for yoga asana and various other stretches and compressions that can be included in your home practice.




Joanna Johnston, RN

Licensed Acupuncturist

 Joanna has a long history in healthcare, having worked as a Registered Nurse, primarily in Home Health Care for over 25 years.  While working as a nurse, Joanna developed a strong belief that a holistic approach to healing is preferable to focusing solely on physical symptoms.  This approach recognizes that emotional, psychological, and environmental factors directly and indirectly impact the body’s ability to heal.


Personal experience with Western medicine, which included significant side effects and expense, led her to seek out Eastern medicine.   Acupuncture offered a gentle and inexpensive alternative.  And it was fascinating.  How could inserting tiny needles at specific areas on the body affect one’s health so profoundly?   Not surprisingly, her passion for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine only grew stronger and she realized this dream needed to be fulfilled.  Nursing was extremely rewarding, providing amazing opportunities to teach people how to cope with illness and also to be a part of their healing, but Traditional Chinese Medicine offered so much more.


 Joanna enrolled in the Midwest Collect of Oriental Medicine.  She studied full time while continuing to work as a Home Health Nurse.  Four years later she graduated from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine with the combined degrees of Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine.  She had previously earned her BS in Nursing from Northern Illinois University.


Joanna’s philosophy can best be described as “East meets West”.  She believes Western medicine absolutely has its place but prefers a more natural, gentle solution if possible.  Acupuncture and other Eastern treatments offered by Joanna, such as cupping, gua sha and nutritional guidance offer tremendous healing potential.  These treatments stimulate the body’s natural resources, relying upon the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  She also believes prevention is best and Chinese Medicine can detect and adjust subtle imbalances in our bodies before they become illness.  Joanna will work closely with each client to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for them.


Pricing: $70 for a 1.25 hour session. Offered at the Lake Zurich Studio, Mondays and Tuesdays 1-4pm. To schedule an appointment please call or text Joanna direct at: 847 975 2571.


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