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Michael R. Scotch

Continuing Education Individual Module Courses open to Students and Teachers

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Join Bhante Sujatha Monday December 10th for a one hour meditation class 6:45-7:45 in our Lake Zurich Studio

Cost is a regular class from your package or a drop in rate. (you can pre register or show up - drop-in's welcome)


Benefits of this simple meditation class are:

• Reduced stress, anxiety, worry and depression;

 • Healing and enhancing relationships with others;

• Gaining a sense of empowerment over challenging issues in your life;

• Insights into your life purpose;

• Awakening to the blessings of the present moment;

• Attaining unshakable inner peace.


Fee: is regular class from your package or the single drop in rate:


Bhante Sujatha, a 30+ year Buddhist Monk, is singularly focuses on adding more love in the world.  Bhante teaches loving-kindness meditation to people around the globe for all those seeking the art of happiness and contentment.  His approach to meditation is deep and simple, bringing core Buddhist teachings to everyone in a way that is practical and easy to understand.


A joyful, radiant, funny and wildly energetic monk, Bhante will help you obtain peace that can only be found in deep silence. He is originally from Sri Lanka and is the head monk / abbot of the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple and Meditation Center in Woodstock, IL.


Bhante believes his purpose is not only to teach meditation, but also, “teaching people how to be happy.”


To reserve a spot please pre register online or drop-in's welcome the night of. or PURCHASE a package.

Yoga Book Discussion Group

Friday November 16: 6-7 pm

Teacher: Ali Tseng

Join us for an hour long book discussion where we will learn, discuss, and embrace this inspiring story by Matthew Sanford. Tea and snacks will be provided.


Book: Waking: a Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence by Matthew Sanford (price $9.27)


Date: Friday, November 16 6-7 pm


Cost: $20 drop in rate


Description of book: At the age of 13 Matthew and his family were in a tragic car accident that left Matthew paralyzed from the chest down. He goes through years of surgeries and medical procedures. The story is Matthew’s transcendent tale of him rebuilding his life from the ground up. He finally starts to search for alternative methods outside traditional medicine and eventually finds a new path with yoga. Along the way he searches for “healing stories” to reconnect mind and body and understand the endurance of the human spirit. Discover the roads he takes that lead him to start a nonprofit organization and became a yoga teacher that now dedicates his life to helping others awaken their own inner spirits.


Join Alison to discuss this powerful novel. Tea and snacks will be provided.


Location: 729 W. Rt 22, Lake Zurich


Unlocking the Keys to Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Management with Sandy Smith

Saturday November 17

In our Lake Zurich Studio

12:15-6:15 for Yoga Teachers

12:15-2:45 public workshop


Frustrated with your weight loss or maintenance efforts?  Unsure about all of the hype and diets you read about?  Would you like to understand which diet and exercise plans are best suited to you?


Join us for either the single early session or the full day as we explore the science behind healthy weight loss, dive into why you may be encountering obstacles to your success, and create an individualized plan for you to move FORWARD--even through the holidays!


The second session, while aimed at teachers, is appropriate for anyone wishing to take a deeper dive into holistic nutrition, how to assist yourself (your students) and those around you in living a healthier lifestyle that manifests not only weight loss, but strength, stamina and renewed energy.


Whether your desire is to lose weight, stop weight swings, or bring renewed energy into your days, this workshop is for you!


Teacher’s full 6 hour module: $100

Public workshop 2 hour module $40


This workshop is applicable to either the 200 hour or 300 hour teacher training.


About Sandy:

Sandy is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in Weight Loss who works with women to define the lives they want to live, challenging and cheering them to create a healthy lifestyle that supports success in achieving and maintaining their dreams.


While losing 25 pounds in 2005, Sandy became passionate about nutrition and healthy living.  As a Weight Watchers Leader for over 5 years, Sandy shared her love of helping women achieve their weight loss, management, and health goals.  A cancer diagnosis in 2012 furthered her journey into health, nutrition and exercise to create a lifestyle that would support renewed health and energy in her everyday life.  After achieving her Coaching Certification, Sandy founded Kick It Up Coaching, LLC, where she continues to focus on helping women achieve their dreams.  Sandy has been a member of the Staff and Teacher at Pulsation since 2014 and views yoga and teaching as a natural extension of her coaching practice:  encouraging her students to appreciate their bodies, build strength, and find ease on their mats and in their lives.op 2 hour module $40


CE credits of 6 hours apply.



Location: 729 W. Rt 22, Lake Zurich


Gong Workshop: Satruday, December 1: 6-7:15 pm

Pulsation Yoga will be hosting a healing and transformational gong bath by Delamora Sound & Evolution’s Marian & Gabriela Kraus. The couples’ sound therapy work features a guided visualization, followed by an hour long sound immersion with three large gongs several authentic Himalayan singing bowls and additional sound tools. The experience is a psycho-acoustic gateway to raise an individuals’ vibratory frequency, reach higher states of awareness and recognize endless possibilities within.


The event features three stages. During the introduction, participants will receive an outline to some of the basics of sound therapy and history of the gongs, followed by an explanation of how the upcoming meditation and sound session work together to facilitate a transformation, evolution and healing experience within the conscious mind. A specific guided meditation will then prime the subconscious mind to transition the participants into the essential experience brought on by sound. Combined these facilitate a change in one’s nature of being and potentially restore an intrinsic state of inner balance. During this gong bath and sound meditation, you will experience gongs and singing bowls being played in a uniquely rhythmic, melodic and pleasing fashion.


The only requirement to experience sound therapy and the guided gong meditation at its finest, is to bring an open mind, wear comfortable clothing, and come with a pillow and blanket to cover up.


Location: 17 E. Miner Street, Arlington Heights


Upcoming Gong Schedule:

February 2: Lake Zurich


April 27: Lake Zurich




Register online here to guarantee your spot before we sell out of these great workshops. Save Money by pre-registering ahead of time - we give discounts for signing up ahead. Find the workshop to the left AND CLICK to pre register and pre pay.




PULSATION YOGA HOSTS THE HIGHEST QUALITY INSTRUCTORS AT OUR STUDIO. We hold workshops around twice a month covering a variety of topics and teaching styles, including meditation, anatomy and therapeutic essentials, couples yoga, yoga and wine, yoga for special populations, arm balance and inversions, Kundalini, and gong meditation. Workshops provide a relaxing atmosphere to learn without any intimidation or judgment; all are welcome and encouraged to attend.




• Brand new students who want a deeper understanding

• Teachers who want to improve their teaching skills

• Seasoned students who want to refine their practice to a new level




• No refunds issued within 48 hours of a workshop. If you have to miss, upon request we can issue you a credit towards future workshops.

• Unfortunately any requests for refunds after the actual workshop cannot be issued.




• All students must sign a release waiver. Students under the age of 18 may not attend unless they have arranged to have a parent pre-sign a waiver, or are attending with a parent or guardian.  Generally speaking children under the age of 12 cannot attend a workshop unless they call us for permission, and would need to be able to focus on the class.


Although walk-ins are welcome to most workshops, to ensure there is room, call in to hold a spot if you cant pre register online.  (847) 989-7792.  (a minimum of 10 people is required to hold the workshop)

Meditation Workshop with Thomas Balsamo on Self-Acceptance: Satruday, December 8: 4:45-6 pm

with a short gentle yoga practice led by Kathy Simonik.  In our Lake Zurich Location


Cost is $10 (cash preferred please)


A journey of self-acceptance: Only there can one can experience true peace, understanding, and compassion.  Through identifying and clearing mental and emotional blockages, one can program new and  productive beliefs. These affirmative beliefs can propel you to become your true self.


What is your greatest resistance to unconditional love? What are your limiting beliefs that make you feel unworthy?


We must first learn how to love by loving ourselves. Then, and only then, can we truly love others.


Fee $10 (cash preferred please)


Location: 729 W Rt 22, Lake Zurich IL 60047


About Thomas Balsamo

For his life as an artist Thomas has been passionate about revealing a glimpse of his subjects souls through their eyes. He also has worked for various philanthropic causes,

including books and films created to give a voice to children and adults with disabilities. Through meditation he is continuing this passion by helping others to find peace within themselves, helping  identify the blockages that are preventing us from living with peace of freedom,

non-attachment, and boundless compassion.


Gentle yoga pracice with Kathy followed by Meditation with Thomas

Held at our Lake Zurich Studio