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Continuing Education Individual Module Courses open to Students and Teachers

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Jan 13: Kathy: Modifications and Working with Injuries - for Students and Teachers: Lake Zurich session 1: 12-2:45, session 2: 3:10-6pm

Part One: focusing on the upper body: neck, shoulders and upper back. (Part two focusing on the lower body: hips, knees and feet will be taught in March)


(part of the 300 hour teacher training, & open to all students of yoga.) Eligible for 6 hours CE credits.


The first part of the workshop is tailored to students and teachers. The second part of the workshop is tailored for teachers, although students are welcome to attend both sessions


Have you ever been in a yoga class, the teacher calls out a pose you cannot do, and you spend your time sitting and watching the rest of the class? Early on when I started practicing yoga, I wanted to learn how I could still feel part of the class, how I could modify the poses for my own body and limitations. I spent many years documenting what was the 'action' required to get into the pose, then creatively put together my own modifications so that I could still benefit from the pose. Students: use this knowledge to take action to progress in your yoga practice in a safe, well thought-out way. Teachers: learn how to use this valuable tool to serve a broader customer base. Using precise alignment techniques. Come dressed in yoga clothing, be prepared to work through an array of poses.


(Students will be encouraged ahead to email me prior to the workshop with a list of poses you find challenging)


The second part of the workshop is tailored for teachers, although students are welcome to attend both sessions


Fee $62.50 per session: divided into two sessions. Please choose add two sessions to your cart (add the buy now link twice) if you are taking the full 6 hours.


Jan 27: Meditation Workshop with Thomas Balsamo: Self Acceptance: Arlington Heights: 1:30-3 pm


A journey of self-acceptance: Only there can one can experience true peace, understanding, and compassion.  Through identifying and clearing mental and emotional blockages, one can program new and  productive beliefs. These affirmative beliefs can propel you to become your true self.


What is your greatest resistance to unconditional love? What are your limiting beliefs that make you feel unworthy?


We must first learn how to love by loving ourselves. Then, and only then, can we truly love others.


Fee $32 pre registration by Jan 20,

$35 thereafter.


Yoga Rx: Anxiety & Depression  Sunday Feb 18: in Lake Zurich with Gabriel Halpern: 3-6 pm


Yoga Rx:  Anxiety & Depression

Yoga is the ultimate holistic discipline for combating anxiety or depression. Because good practice is a grounding in the here-and-now, yoga keeps the mind free from jumping ahead to the unknown future or languishing in the already gone past.

 This workshop is designed to bring you the calm and focus needed to be self aware, relaxed, and critical in our thinking about the thoughts we choose to focus on and give attention to.


$35 if you pre register before Feb 10,




$40 thereafter




Jan 15: Martin Luther King (MLK) Day Yoga Camp for Ages 4-6 and 7-10 with Samantha in Arlington Heights:


Ages 4-6: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm and Ages 7-10: 2-4 pm


Join us for a fun-filled day that will include engaging yoga, mindful and calming breathing exercises, story time and a fun craft.


During this workshop, we will open with a few minutes of calming and warming meditative breathing exercises. The goal of this is to help students calm their minds and release any tensions or frustrations. We will then hit the mats for some fun yoga.


We will work our way throughout every area of the body from our head to our toes as we calm, stretch, laugh, smile and balance our way through the class.


Many of our poses will be partner and group-based meant to help build effective communication skills and trust. The sequences will be fun and exciting for the children with a focus on listening to our body. The poses encourage focus and concentration as children must hone their movements to the specific pose or series of poses.


Next on the agenda is story time:

I am Yoga by: Peter Reynolds

Find Book here


We will conclude our day with an exciting craft: The calming bottle. We will create calming sensory bottles with glitter, water, and food coloring. The thought behind this craft is to aid in calming the mind when children become stressed, frustrated or overwhelmed,


Schedule for the day:

10 minutes: Opening, centering, breathing exercises (feel the breath, few minutes of breathing exercises in a seated position, lay on the back with a block on the belly)


50 Minutes: Yoga sequence (group based, partner-based, individual) I have a great playlist that includes music from children movies such as Trolls, Frozen as well as kids bop modern pop music.


15 minutes: interactive story time


45 minutes: Craft/savasana if time allows


Sign up here for 4-6 year olds

$35 if you pre register by Jan 7th


Sign up here for 4-6 year olds
$40 pre register AFTER Jan 7


Sign up here for 7-10 year olds

$35 if you pre-register by Jan 7th


Sign up here for 7-10 year olds

$40 pre register AFTER Jan 7



Feb 10: Gong Sound  Workshop: Lake Zurich: 5:30-7pm


By Delamora Sound & Evolution’s Marian & Gabriela Kraus. The couples’ sound therapy work features a guided visualization, followed by an hour long sound immersion with three large gongs several authentic Himalayan singing bowls and additional sound tools. The experience is a psycho-acoustic gateway to raise an individuals’ vibratory frequency, reach higher states of awareness and recognize endless possibilities within.


$30 early bird pricing if you pre register by Feb 2,

$35 thereafter.






Feb 3-4: Marc Holzman: Ayruveda meets Asana: a Weekend  Workshop: Lake Zurich

(part of the 300 hour teacher training, & open to all students of yoga.) Eligible for 7 hours CE credits.


How do we live an optimal human life?

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences that merge seamlessly to find answers to this age-old question.


In these sessions we will integrate basic Ayurveda theory with Hatha Yoga and meditation. Our intention is to create a comprehensive, nourishing and sweetly challenging yoga practice while providing you with practical and accessible tools to accelerate your wellness path through Ayurveda.


Each session will open with a vibrant one-hour lecture on an aspect of Ayurveda followed by an asana practice that embodies our lesson.


Three individual sessions:


Sat am - 11-1:30 Full range practice of all categories of poses


Sat pm - 3-5:30:  Hip Openers, Forward Bends, Meditation


Sun - 11-1:30:  Nourishing Backbends


$48 a session, discounted to $130 for all 3 sessions.


Marc has been teaching Hatha yoga for well over a decade.  Spending most of his life in Los Angeles and New York, he currently calls Paris his home.  Certified in Anusara in 2006, his teaching has now evolved to include a number of styles that have influenced him on his yogic path: the movement of Vinyasa Flow, the precision of Iyengar, the dance of Kundalini, his deep love for mantra and meditation, and his passion for Ayurveda. Marc skillfully weaves themes through his classes in order for each student to experience a journey that goes beyond the body and pierces deeply into the Heart.


In 2007 he created Guerilla Yogi, a donation-based class that insures that students of all economic circumstances can experience the joy of yoga.  When he is not in Paris, he teaches worldwide either live or via the many classes that are streamed through the internet on YogaGlo.





Teaching Pranayama

(part of the 300 hour teacher training, & open to all students of yoga.)


Session one: Friday Feb 23: in Arlington Heights with Wendy Sadler: 11 am - 5 pm


Session two: Saturday March 10 in Lake Zurich with Gabriel Halpern: 12-6 pm


These two modules review in depth pranayama techniques with time for practice so students can deepen their understanding of prana and the subtle body. Includes practice teaching the different pranayama techniques.


Includes these topics:

• Philosophical & Physical Context of Pranayama and practice

•  The Bandhas

• The Nadis and Chakras, the Five Sheaths, and Tantric Bodies

• The 5 Pranas and Vayus

• The Sutras & Sutras and the Breath


$125 per module


Session one: Feb 23:


Session Two: March 10








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Mythology & the Deities: in Lake Zurich with Kathy: Saturday March 3rd: 12-6 pm


The myths behind yoga’ spiritual tradition have the ability to shift a students practice. The deities or yoga gods are played out in ancient stories about humans or animals, like folktales. These ‘iconic’ figures represent virtues like courage, strength, transformation, and more. A teacher who is able to weave a story about mythology in the class will capture the interest and hearts of the student. Learn about the most popular deities and how to effectively share these wonderful stories in a classroom setting. Asana themed to mythology will be included.

$125 - part of the 300 hour teacher training and open to those who are interested in this subject and want to further their education. (eligible for CE Credits)






Register online here to guarantee your spot before we sell out of these great workshops. Save Money by pre-registering ahead of time - we give discounts for signing up ahead. Find the workshop to the left AND CLICK to pre register and pre pay.




PULSATION YOGA HOSTS THE HIGHEST QUALITY INSTRUCTORS AT OUR STUDIO. We hold workshops around twice a month covering a variety of topics and teaching styles, including meditation, anatomy and therapeutic essentials, couples yoga, yoga and wine, yoga for special populations, arm balance and inversions, Kundalini, and gong meditation. Workshops provide a relaxing atmosphere to learn without any intimidation or judgment; all are welcome and encouraged to attend.




• Brand new students who want a deeper understanding

• Teachers who want to improve their teaching skills

• Seasoned students who want to refine their practice to a new level




• No refunds issued within 48 hours of a workshop. If you have to miss, upon request we can issue you a credit towards future workshops.

• Unfortunately any requests for refunds after the actual workshop cannot be issued.




• All students must sign a release waiver. Students under the age of 18 may not attend unless they have arranged to have a parent pre-sign a waiver, or are attending with a parent or guardian.  Generally speaking children under the age of 12 cannot attend a workshop unless they call us for permission, and would need to be able to focus on the class.


Although walk-ins are welcome to most workshops, to ensure there is room, call in to hold a spot if you cant pre register online.  (847) 989-7792.  (a minimum of 10 people is required to hold the workshop)

Continuing Education Individual Module Courses open to Students and Teachers

Mark your Calendars: Here is our 2018-2019 schedule. You may pick and choose from any topic. Students and teachers welcome.  These workshops vary between 4-7 hours, each. We have made the first few months available now so you can preregister. Detailed descriptions to the left with pricing.


We will continue to add the rest of the courses up so you may pre register several months in advance. *indicates this course is eligible for CE credits. Calendar subject to change slightly. If you are signing up for several courses, a discount will be applied -  or if you are signing up for the full 300 hour session: email Kathy@pulsationyoga.com



Modifications and working with injuries:

 • Sat, Jan 13: Instructor: Kathy (*)



Ayurveda Studies

 • Feb 3-4:  Instructor: Marc Holzman (*)


Yoga for Depression and Anxiety:

• Sat Feb 18, Gabriel Halpern


Pranayama Workshop

• Fri Feb 23: Wendy Sadler


Yoga for Scolosis: a primer course:
• Sat Feb 24, Nancy Heraty



Mythology and the Dieties

 • Sat March 3: . Instructor: Kathy (*)


Pranayama Workshop

• Sat March 10: Gabriel Halpern


Philosophy of Yoga, Tantric View

• March 30-31: PRIYA: TBD



Women and Yoga, hormonal changes

• Sat April 14: Marilyn Mitchell


Prenatal Yoga

• Fri April 20: Christine Chodil (*)


•Meditation Workshop:

• Sat. April 21, Kathleen Rankhorn (*)



Teaching the Universal Principles of Alignment (date TBD in May)

destination training with us - off site in Sedona Az


Teaching with a Theme (date TBD in May)

destination training with us - off site in Sedona Az


Functional Anatomy: Forward Bends and the spine

• Sat May 12, Kathy (*)


Functional Anatomy: Backbends and the pelvis

• Sat May 19, Christine Chodil (*)


Philosophy of the Sutras:

• Part one and two:  Dates early June to be determined: Megan Miller


Yoga for Seniors:

• Sat/Sun June 23-24: Paul Mross and Kathy Simonik (*)



Functional Anatomy: Arm Balances & Inversions

• Sat July 14, Jim Simonik (*)



Yoga for Scoliosis (open to teachers and students)
• Sat,  Aug 18: Instructor: DL Nancy Heraty


Teaching the Basic Student

 • Sat, Aug 25: . Instructor: Kathy (*)



Observations & Adjustments

Sat Sept 8: Kathy


Asana and Anatomy

• Sept 14-16:  with Ross Rayburn


Advanced Sequencing

• Fri & Sat Sept 28-29 destination training in Sedona Az, Kathy (*)


Advanced Language Skills

• Sun Sept 30 destination training in Sedona Az, Kathy (*)



Teaching Meditation

• Mon , Oct 1 destination training in Sedona Az, Kathy (*)


Wall and Restorative Yoga

 • Sat, Oct 13:  Instructor: Kathy (*)


Observations & Adjustments

• Sat Oct 20, Instructor Kathy (*)



The Chakras and the Subtle Body

 • Sat, Nov 10:  Instructor: Wendy Sadler


Nutritional and Holistic Health

 • Sat, Nov 17:  Instructor: TBA


Working with Private Clients

• Sun Nov 18, Kathy (*)


Desiree Rumbaugh Workshop

• March 1-2, 2019


* Indicates these marked sessions are eligible for CE Credits



We host the highest quality instructors at our studio covering a wide variety of topics, and teaching styles.