All students must register and create a new account before practicing yoga at the studio. Click on "my account" in the schedule area below to create a login and register (or Click on "login | Register" in the header above). (or you may fill out a form in person just before class starts). Children under 18 will need parents to create an account and accept the terms in the form. Children under the age of 12 cannot attend class unless a parent accompany them, as long as they can focus on the class. Once you create a login you can check to see how many classes you have left and purchase packages. Please note: all our teachers have been trained in the Anusara™ Yoga Style and practice using the Universal Principles of Alignment™ in their classes. For more information on Anusara Yoga see Owners Kathy and Jim Simonik's classes are taught in the traditional Anusara style. (see schedule and times below)


No need to pre sign-up for any of our ongoing classes. Enroll now for any of our workshops or the 101 series.  click here


NOTE: In the schedule below the location of the class is listed under the "class" column in red

Class Temperatures

THE MAJORITY OF OUR CLASSES ARE NORMAL TEMPERATURE (74ª). The online schedule indicates which classes are warm (85ª) , all others are the normal temperature.

Special & Upcoming Classes

Yoga 101 4 week series

Arlington Heights 101 Schedule

Sundays at noon: Next session starts 9/10


Lake Zurich 101 Schedule

Saturdays at noon: Next session starts 9/9

POPULAR $10 Class IN Lake Zurich and Arlington Heights

$10 drop in rate, and 10% goes to charity. Arlington Heights: Wed: 6:40 pm.

Lake Zurich: Thurs: 5:30 pm

Easy on your pocketbook and you are helping others! No pre-registration required, just come. (if you prefer you can also use 1 class from your package towards the class)  $10 cash is preferred please.

Class Level Descriptions

Pulsation Yoga 101 (new students or refresher course)

Basic Level (beginning students)

• Level 1 (beginners who are ready to advance)

Level 1-2 (6 mos. or longer of practice recommended)

Level 2 (for the experienced yoga practitioner only)

Restorative, Therapeutic-Oriented, Yin: all are welcome


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