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Pulsation Yoga presents our 300 hour Teacher Training (to become 500 total hour RYT), as an additional 300 hours to your previous 200 hour study: January 2018-January 2019


• Refine your skills, become a master teacher, and do continuing education

• Students or teachers can take individual sessions


Details of the Program:


• Taught in individual modules by topic. Led by Kathy Simonik with an additional master teacher faculty. (Kathy is one of only 12 Anusara Certified Instructors in the US approved to teach the 300 hour Advanced Training leading to a full 500 hours.)


• Special perk: destination training included:  two 4-night sessions in Sedona Arizona*

* 8 of the total days of the training will be spent in Sedona Arizona, one of the most inspiring places to learn. (the remaining training days will be taught locally in Illinois split between both our studios.) The Sedona schedule will allow you to fit in hiking, sunrise and sunsets, siteseeing.  You will be responsible for transportation, lodging and meals. We will provide you with many options for lodging at reasonable rates. If you cannot attend one or both of the destination portions of the training, we will be presenting the content in an online course for you to make up on your own.



• Also suited for teachers and students who just wish to do continuing education or learn more about yoga

Since the training is taught in individual modules, feel free to select from our vast topic library and study what you want. Modules are priced individually. The pricing is designed so if you sign up for multiple topics you receive a deeper discount. Pricing on back page. Majority of the modules eligible for CE credits with Yoga Alliance.


Anusara in a nutshell: what makes Anusara Yoga™ unique?


1) its unique “Universal principles of alignment”: Anusara developed a system that safely opens the body and it works on everyone despite their age, flexibility, injuries etc. The style really trains the instructor to develop an eye and spot any possible misalignments, refine the pose on the spot, create modifications for the client efficiently.  Anusara teachers are highly trained in this respect and students know they are taken care of.


2) It follows a non dual philosophy that sees each individual as unique and honors authenticity and making the practice fit your needs.


3) Community: Anusara developed a warm heart-opening style that was based on community and connecting people. You can tell when you walk into an Anusara studio: the friendly welcoming vibe. Its not uncommon for our students to socialize together after class. My teacher trainings are taught with this same feel. Everyone feels welcome no matter what their level of practice is.


For more information on Anusara Yoga see: anusarayoga.com

The Curriculum

These 11 sessions are REQUIRED for the 500 level, individual modules are open to everyone: (please note dates are subject to change. For the latest schedule contact kathy@pulsationyoga.com



1) Functional anatomy as it applies to yoga with multiple areas of the body covered:

 • Sat, May 12:  Forward Folds and the Spine. Instructor: Kathy (*)

 • Sat, May 19: Backbends, & the Pelvis Instructor: Christine(*)

 • July: Arm Balances, Inversions. Instructor: Jim (*)

 • Sat, Sept 15: Asymmetrical Poses and Lower Limbs.

  Instructor: Ross Rayburn (*)

 • Sun, Nov. 18: Working with private clients. Instructor: Kathy (*)


2) Philosophy with multiple topics covered

 • 2 dates in June TBD: The Sutras. Instructor: Megan Miller

 • Fri, March 30 AND Sat March 31: Tantric philosophy

  Instructor: Priya


3) Teaching Pranayama

 • Fri, Feb 23:  Instructor: Wendy Sadler

 • Sat, March 10: Instructor: Gabriel Halpern (*)


4) Women and Yoga

 • Sat, April 14: Instructor: Marilyn Mitchell

 • Fri, April 20: Instructor: Christine Chodil (*)


5) Teaching Meditation

 • Sat, April 21: Instructor: Kathleen Rankhorn (*)

 • Sun, Sept 30 Module offered in Sedona,  AZ Instructor: Kathy (*)


6) Teaching w/the Universal Principles of Alignment

 • Fri, April 27 and Sat, April 28:  Module offered in Sedona, AZ   Instructor: Kathy (*)


7) Teaching with a Theme

 • Sun April 29, AND Mon,  April 30:


8) Yoga for Seniors

 *Sat, June 23 and Sun, June 24 Instructors: Paul Mross and Kathy (*)


9) Observations & Adjustments

 • Sat, Sept 8: Instructor: Kathy (*)

 • Sat, Oct 20: Instructor: Megan Miller


10) Advanced Sequencing

 • Fri, Sept 28-Sat, Sept 29:  Module offered in Sedona,  AZ

  Instructor: Kathy (*)


11) Anusara Methodology and co-mentoring

 • Nov 9 AND Dec 1 & 2 and independent study: Instructor: Kathy


Plus 9 hours of Independent study and teaching privates

Plus 15 hours of approved electives at our studio


Individual Modules Are Also Open for Students to Attend

These sessions are included in the 500 hr tuition, and are also open to everyone to pick and chose as individual topics (See pricing for individual modules below):


Modifications and working with injuries:

 • Sat Jan 13: Instructor: Kathy (*)


Ayurveda Studies

 • Feb 3-4:  Instructor: Marc Holzman (*)


Mythology and the dieties

 • Sat March 3: . Instructor: Kathy (*)


The Business of  Yoga

 • Sat, July 14: Instructor: Jim (*)


Yoga for Scoliosis

 • Sat,  Aug 18: Instructor: DL Nancy Heraty


Teaching the Basic Student

 • Sat, Aug 25: . Instructor: Kathy (*)


 Advanced Language Skills

   • Mon, Oct 1: Module offered in Sedona,  AZ Instructor: Kathy (*)


Wall and Restorative Yoga

 • Sat, Oct 13:  Instructor: Kathy (*)


The Chakras and the Subtle Body

 • Sat, Nov 10:  Instructor: Wendy Sadler


Nutritional and Holistic Health

 • Sat, Nov 17


* Indicates these marked sessions are eligible for CE Credits


If a module you choose spans more than one day,  you must attend all of the days, and complete the module in its entirety.  (Attending partial modules is not allowed)


Make-ups for missed classes in the 500 hour level:  As long as you take all

11 required modules, you can repeat any of those 11 required courses more than once, or repeat approved sections of the previously attended 200 hour training to fulfill any of the full 500 hours. The Sedona modules are part of the required sessions, although if you have to miss a session, you may do our online course of the same materials. Inquire with Kathy for further details.


Minimum of 10 attendees per module required.  Its unlikely that we won’t meet the minimum but in the event we assure you we will reschedule that module as soon as possible. Email Kathy for Details on each topic.

Click here to download the brochure


Please scroll down below for pricing


Pulsation Yoga co-owner Kathy Simonik is a certified Anusara Instructor and E-RYT 500. She has been leading her teacher training for over 7 years. teaching for 13 years and a student of yoga for 14+ years. Kathy studied with Anusara founder John Friend, and completed his level 1 and level 2 teacher trainings, three Yoga Therapeutic-Oriented trainings, and Anusara Master Immersion. In all, Kathy has completed more than 2,000 hours in Anusara studies with John Friend and other certified Anusara instructors. Her studies have garnered extensive knowledge in alignment and therapeutic-oriented yoga postures. Kathy assisted with 5 teacher trainings prior to conducting the 200 and 500 RYT Teacher Training at Pulsation Yoga.

Pulsation Yoga co-owner Jim Simonik is an Anusara Inspired Yoga Instructor finishing up his Anusara Certification, and RYT 200. He will be assisting Kathy in this training. He has been teaching for 10 years, and studied with John Friend, Noah Mazé, Amy Ippolitti, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh, Betsey Downing, and Ross Rayburn. Jim brings his experience and strong athletic practice to the training, and he follows a teaching style that blends an in-depth knowledge of yoga with a powerful and playful practice.


Guest Teachers will include: Marc Holzman, Ross Rayburn, Gabriel Halpern, Kathleen Rankhorn and more.


The Difference

What makes Pulsation Yoga Teacher Training stand out?

• Excellent Reviews: rated 4.875 out of 5 stars by Yoga Alliance­

•  Instructors with over a decade in the field of teacher training

• Opportunity to learn from nationally recognized teachers at

workshops and continuing education within our studio


The Faculty: Lead Teacher Kathy Simonik, including sessions and electives with multiple master instructors at the 500 hour level including: Marc Holzman, Ross Rayburn, Gabriel Halpern, Kathleen Rankhorn, (Desiree Rumbaugh for electives) and more.


Pulsation Yoga co-owner Kathy Simonik is a certified Anusara Instructor and
E-RYT 500.  She is one of only 12 Anusara Certified Teachers in the US to be approved to teach this 500 hour level advanced Anusara Training.


She has been leading her teacher training for over 9 years, teaching and practicing yoga since 2002. Kathy has completed more than 2,000 hours in Anusara studies with John Friend and other certified Anusara instructors. Her studies have garnered extensive knowledge in alignment and therapeutic-oriented yoga postures.






email: kathy@pulsationyoga.com

or call 847-767-5960

Tell us about yourself

Entire 500 hour tuition breakdown

Breakdown for the entire 300 hours to receive a 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance: (individual module pricing below)


Includes a 10-pack of yoga (valued at $150) (this package restricted to a select schedule during the training in one of Jim or Kathy’s class and must be taken during the training session. You will be required to pre-register for your 10 classes at the beginning of the training).  Discounted workshops, and additionally discounted class packages for the duration of the training.


Includes up to 15 total hours of Pulsation Yoga workshops as electives from a pre-approved list - required as part of the training. (a $375 value) Choose UP TO 15 hours from these pre-approved electives:


Ayurveda: Friday Feb 2 with Marc Holzman: 3 hours

Meditation on Self Acceptance: Saturday January 27: 1.5 hours

Gabriel Halpern: Yoga for Depression Feb 18, 2018: 3 hours

Yoga for Scoliosis Primer: Saturday Feb 24: 4 hours

Functional Anatomy with Ross: Sunday Sept 9: 3 hours

Weekend workshop with Desiree:  March 1-3, 2019:  11 hours


(if you choose more than the 15 hours, you would pay for those extra hours and we can breakdown any extra fee for you)


Tuition Breakdown:

$500 deposit secures your spot into the full training.

Application and interview are required.

$4025 tuition

$350 Mentoring Program (required as part of the training)

Total: $4875


Payment plan available:

•  $500 deposit required and a signed contract up front.

• 4 installments due Jan 5, March 5, May 5 and July 5 of   $1135 each (in addition to the pre-paid deposit) Payments   will be set up in an auto debit program.


NOTE: For the Sedona dates, only the tuition is covered.  You will be

responsible for transportation, room and board. We will provide you with many options for lodging at reasonable rates. If you are unable to attend one or both of the destination portions of the training, we will be presenting the content in an online course for you to make up on your own.


Individual module tuition breakdown

Individual Module Tuition Breakdown:

Individual modules qualify towards eventual completion of a full 500 RYT.  Suitable for all students or teachers.


Pricing If you take less  than 100 hours:

4 hour module: $83

6 hour module: $125

7 hour module: $145

12 hour module: $240

15 hour module: $315


Pricing if you take 100 hours or more:

 4 hour module: $79

6 hour module: $120

7 hour module: $140

12 hour module: $235

15 hour module: $305


Check out what former students have to say about Pulsation Yoga Teacher Training:


Hi Kathy,

I know we are to send you this email to let you know that I have completed my 12 observations, 3 assists for our teacher training.  But... as I typed in the words "I'm done" it just didn't seem complete without "but not finished!"


Not finished... because, first and foremost, I want to thank you for all you have done to prepare us to begin teaching.  I believe in the power of intentions and it must be one of yours to prepare us from a deep cellular level because your process is full of an energetic force that goes beyond the teachings from the outlines and textbooks.  You have taught us yoga from the inside out. The unity of our mind, bodies, hearts and souls.  Thank you for this gift.


Not finished... because the end of our classes seems like a new beginning on so many levels that it would take pages to express!

Not finished... because this experience has been a blessing in my life.  I deeply believe that yoga does not change you, it helps you become more of who you truly are.  Kathy, because of your wisdom and encouragement to "look at this from the other side of the training" I am beginning to understand this more fully and look forward to the journey ahead.


With yoga, I love that we will never be finished - the journey just shifts, ebbs, and flows.  Like riding a big, beautiful wave.


With unending gratitude,



Hi Kathy,


Thank you for sending me my certificate! I can't being to thank you enough for so much more than a yoga teacher training course, it was my therapy, my motivation and my inspiration. Your authenticity in your delivery and passion and commitment in our training speak volumes. I am reminded of how amazing of a teacher you are not only when I am in your classes but when I visit any other yoga studio and start critiquing other "teachers". It is evident I was taught by the best on how to be a teacher not an instructor and you have made an art out of teaching people yoga and I am so grateful to have learned from you. You and your dedication to your studio do not go unnoticed and I intend on being my best for you and your continued faith in me through this process. I have learned so much from you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!





"I came to Pulsation Yoga seeking a true yoga community that would welcome me at my current level, challenge me to grow (both in my yoga practice and personally,) and would provide the community and support I needed for that growth.  Pulsation Yoga provided me with that yoga home.  I was drawn to the Pulsation Teacher Training program based on the home provided at Pulsation Yoga and the strong emphasis on alignment and creative expression in teaching.  I loved the community that grew out of the teacher training class; many of us still keep in touch and support each other as we mature our teaching skills and styles.  Kathy is a wonderful, warm teacher who provided me with knowledge, instruction, and resources to obtain my RYT-200 certification and to feel confident stepping into the seat of a yoga teacher.  I highly recommend the Teacher Training program of study!"

~ 2015 graduate Sandy Smith, MBA, ACC, RYT-200


“The training with Kathy Simonik at Pulsation Yoga was truly a wonderful experience. Kathy leads her trainee classes with an open heart and a wealth of information, and I am so grateful for the support and guidance from Kathy, Jim and every teacher at the studio. I feel that this training has laid the foundation for me to become an effective and educated teacher of yoga.” ~ Christine


Pulsation Yoga owner Kathy is passionate and committed to "being" a yogi. She gives her students in teacher training all of her heart and energy. I am also grateful for the authentic yoga studio experience she and Jim have created at Pulsation. Their teaching truly gives honor to the essence and principles of yoga and our original teachers. They are my forever gurus. Namaste. Sylvia.


"Your training has given me the strong knowledge-base, self-confidence and comfort level that I need to teach yoga and I am very excited to start my journey down the yoga teaching path. I believe your knowledge base, creativity, and embracing teaching style is very unique and extremely successful. I can say successful because I've looked into the other students you've taught and your spirit shines through each of them. I plan to continue learning from you as I further my practice with you at Pulsation." ~2013 Teacher Training attendee


“Excellent program, exemplary staff, community-building environment at Pulsation Yoga.” ~ Shelly


“Kathy Simonik designed the Teacher Training thoughtfully and with great attention to detail. I feel completely prepared to begin teaching. The training was fun, informative, challenging and inspirational. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about teaching, committed to teaching, or wants to deepen their own practice.” ~ Katherine













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